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Appointment Booking System

Offers one of the best, secure, customized and user friendly online booking system with 24 hours support

Information Services

We are expert in hosting multi-lingual websites, e-mail & SMS services, online chat services and related business intelligence products.

Financial Services

PersiaTech offers customised solutions for the collection of fees from the applicants booking online appointments for their visa applications.

Operations Solutions

Our end-to-end Operations Solutions enable our clients to increase scalability, reduce gaps, enhance agility and achieve costs saving.

Database Hosting & Management

Our Database Hosting & Management Solution is ideal for companies wishing to maximise their staff activities.

Data Compilations & Auditing

Data Compilations & Auditing are important and without the right process, valuable opportunities can be left hidden in the data “haystack”.

Our Projects


Our Expertise

Information Technology & Data Security

To comply with IT & data security requirements, we have executed Processes & Technologies as per industry best practices.

Visa Appointment Booking Management

PersiaTech Appointment Booking System’ has programmed to create slot capacity by parameters of date, time-range and visa type.

Programme & Project Management

Project & Programme management is the essential process of managing several related projects.

Customer Support Services

Our Quality Support Services team works hard to understand how our customers are utilizing our support infrastructure.

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